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On September 20th hurricane Maria hit the south east region of Puerto Rico and continued through the middle of the island and out the north west side. The storm knocked out all the power on the island. Leaving Families without running water, power and some without homes. Its estimated that over 1000 people have died because of the storm and its aftermath. In 2018 we will be bringing teams into one of the worst hit areas to help rebuild peoples lives. Filling out this application is the first step in helping to rebuild Puerto Rico. You can set up an account and start raising funds while we gather all the info we need to effectively send out the teams. Once we have all of our teams set we will let you know when the dates are and will let you choose your trip. Thank you for helping us with this opportunity to serve these families.

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  • Jun 1
    9:00 am
    Jun 30
    8:00 pm